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Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-723-1991.

Name Grade/Position Phone Extension
Mrs. L. Goodwin Principal  54101
Mrs. E. Torok-Orban  Vice-Principal (St. Hedwig C.S.)  54201
Mrs. H. Croucher Secretary  54100
Mrs. D. Woodward-Cholod/Miss B. Cummings Full Day Kindergarten  40255/40644
Mrs. M. Parkinson/Mrs. S. Cagan Full Day Kindergarten  40121/40123
Mrs. J. French Grade 1  40124
Mrs. J. Lace Grade 1/2  40119
Mrs. J. Cyr Grade 2/3  40113
Mrs. B. Rigo Grade 3  40110
Mr. R. Palaro Grade 4  40122
Mrs. M. Baker Grade 5  40116
Mrs. A. Szopa Grade 6  40111

Mrs. A. Pacheco-Swanton


Mrs. J. Sauter Curriculum Coverage/FSL  40125
Mr. L. Delves Curriculum Coverage  40249
Mrs. M-A. Thomas Program Support Teacher  54108

Mme. J. Forget-Ouellet

French as a Second Language  40044
Mrs. C. Riverso Program Support Teacher EIC  40040
Mr. Joseph Caruso ESL/ELL Teacher  41040
Ms. L. Domonkos Educational Assistant  40127
Mrs. R. Sabo Educational Assistant  40128 
Mrs. B. Turnbull Educational Assistant 40112 
Mrs. M. Romancyz Educational Assistant  
Mr. J. Byrne (LTO) - K. Walsh Custodian Chief  54109
Ms. E. Pomeroy Custodian  40407

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