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Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-723-1991.

Name Grade/Position Phone Extension
Mrs. L. Goodwin Principal  54101
Mrs. E. Torok-Orban  Vice-Principal (St. Hedwig C.S.)  
Mrs. H. Croucher Secretary  54100
Mrs. D. Woodward-Cholod/Miss B. Barone Full Day Kindergarten  40255
Mrs. M. Parkinson/Mrs. S. Cagan Full Day Kindergarten  40121/40123
Mrs. J. French Grade 1  40124
Mrs. J. Lace Grade 1/2  40119
Mrs. J. Cyr Grade 2/3  40113
Mrs. B. Rigo Grade 3  40110
Mr. R. Palaro Grade 4  40122
Mrs. M. Baker Grade 5  40116
Mrs. A. Szopa Grade 6  40111

Mrs. A. Pacheco-Swanton


Mrs. J. Sauter Curriculum Coverage/FSL  40125
Mr. L. Delves Curriculum Coverage  
Mrs. M-A. Thomas Program Support Teacher  54108

Mme. J. Forget-Ouellet

French as a Second Language  40044
Mrs. C. Riverso Program Support Teacher EIC  40040
Mr. Joseph Caruso ESL/ELL Teacher  41040
Ms. L. Domonkos Educational Assistant  40127
Mrs. R. Sabo Educational Assistant  40128 
Mrs. B. Turnbull Educational Assistant 40112 
Mrs. M. Romancyz Educational Assistant  
Mr. K. Walsh Custodian Chief  54109
Ms. E. Pomeroy Custodian  40407

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