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Our Learning Commons offers students a variety of programs, clubs and services to enhance literacy and learning. Speak to a member of our staff for more information.

Name of Program or Service Description
Forest of Reading  

What: Each category has 10 books. Students are expected to read a minimum of 5 books and complete a passport. On Voting Day, they vote for their favourite book. All votes count with those of similarly aged students across Ontario to elect the winning author. Blue Spruce and Prix Peuplier books are read to students by teachers and all ten books are expected to be read.

Who: Students in the following grades can participate:

  • Kindergarten to Grade 2: Blue Spruce and Prix Peuplier
  • Grades 3-4: Silver Birch Express
  • Grades 5-6: Silver Birch Fiction and NonFiction
  • Grades 7-8: Red Maple Fiction and NonFiction
Green Screen  

What: Students, in groups on their own, or with the teacher, sign up to use the green room and use apps to create videos, book trailers, and slideshows depending on the assignment or project. 

Who: Students from Kindergarten to Grade 8.


What: Students make anything they wish using a variety of different materials.

Who: Students from Kindergarten to Grade 8.

Reading Club
What: Bring your book and enjoy some quiet time to read!. 

When: We offer this program during lunch hours from January to March Break.

Who: Students from Grades 3 - 8.

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